Best friends ever

What would your life be without friends? Impossible? Exactly!


Our FRIENDS floors can become your new friends: they support a healthy home environment, are sustainable, long-lasting and truly beautiful. For a long and happy life with friends.


Your friends collections


Wood is just wood. Sustainably produced and made resistant with substances that support a healthy home environment, wood remains naturally beautiful for a very, very long time.


Practically all wood, free from plastics and harmful substances. For our eco-floors, we use as much recycled wood as possible. A climate-positive floor that conserves natural resources.



Don’t want to breathe poor quality air? Neither do we. We have replaced anything that pollutes the indoor air and is harmful to your health. Due to soya oil, our vinyl floors are soft and support a healthy home environment.

Your Room Studio

Try different flooring and see what looks best. Start the app on your smartphone, create an image of your room and click on your favourite FRIENDS. Have fun! 

Essential characteristics

Every FRIENDS floor is created according to three fundamental principles. It looks fantastic, turning your home into something special. It is equipped with intelligent features that make your life easier. It contains raw materials that allow you and your loved ones to live healthily within your own four walls. You can find out more about our three principles at



What is all around you and that you touch every day, becomes part of you. So your floor must also protect your health. FRIENDS prevent emissions.



Do you want an ordinary floor, or one that is smart like a cool tool? There are many good ideas in FRIENDS to make your life easier.




Do you like real wood? So do we! That’s why we have let nature take over the design of FRIENDS. All decors are based on real wood and stone surfaces. Unique and easy to combine with your interior style.