Hardwood Flooring Friends


What would your life be like without friends?

Not even possible? Exactly!


Our FRIENDS parquet floors can become your new friends:

healthy, sustainable, durable and really beautiful. Highquality materials and meticulous craftsmanship are our top priorities. You have the choice between 3 strip and plank floors to achieve your desired look.


Single planks appeal with the generous length and width of the individual plank with bevel and give your room a rustic

and natural charm. Three strip floors create a harmonious, even wooden surface of stave elements without bevels for a timeless and classic ambience.


In addition to the choice of plank design, you can also choose between matt lacquered and natural oiled surfaces.

The natural oiled surface emphasises the natural structures of the wood and gives your floor a matt look, while the

hard-wearing lacquered surface offers a silk matt sheen with a soft feel. Both surfaces are easy to care for with uncomplicated cleaning. Design your home with our parquet flooring and express your individuality!


Product construction

  1. Surface finish

  2. Real wood top layer (wear layer)

  3. Real wood middle layer

  4. Real wood stabilizing layer

Parkett Friends Produktaufbau

* Suitable for water-based and electric underfloor heating systems.

Heating systems with reverse cycle cooling must be fitted with an automatic control unit for dew point regulation.

Only suitable for electric surface hearing systems fitted with gentle warm-up technology and a control unit for automatic dew point regulation.


Oak Adam | plank - Colour reproductions are not binding

Oak james

nature | vario | matt lacquered | brushed

1188312441 | 2190 x 162 x 11 mm

OAK adam

nature | vario | natural-oil-treated | fine-brushed

1188312445 | 2190 x 162 x 11 mm

OAK Charles

white | vario | matt lacquered | brushed

1188312439 | 2190 x 162 x 11 mm

OAK william

white | vario | natural-oil-treated | fine-brushed

1188312443 | 2190 x 162 x 11 mm


Oak Alice | 3-strip - Colour reproductions are not binding

OAK alice

nature | vario | matt lacquered | brushed

1188312449 | 2390 x 200 x 11 mm

OAK grace

nature | vario | natural-oil-treated | fine-brushed

1188312453 | 2390 x 200 x 11 mm

OAK sienna

white | vario | matt lacquered | brushed

1188312447 | 2390 x 200 x 11 mm

OAK olivia

white | vario | natural-oil-treated | fine-brushed

1188312451 | 2390 x 200 x 11 mm