Luxury vinyl flooring with soya

Just my kind of thing

My life is about movement and change. I enjoy new things and want my home to reflect that. FRIENDS vinyl flooring with soya always adapts to you. However your next home might look. There is a variant guaranteed to suit you.


Unlike conventional vinyl floors made from PVC, FRIENDS do not use plasticizers containing harmful phthalates. To make your luxury vinyl flooring elastic, we use a natural bio-based plasticizer: oil obtained from the soya bean.

easy slim

Dryback luxury vinyl flooring


Renovating? The extra-thin FRIENDS flooring can be laid directly on top of your old floor. Also suitable for bathrooms.


easy wood

Luxury vinyl flooring on an HDF baseboard

Really easy to install yourself. Invite your friends round to help, and get laying. And when you're done? It’s party time! Cork makes these FRIENDS floors really quiet to walk on. 

easy strong

Luxury vinyl flooring on a rigid baseboard

Tough as nails: this FRIENDS floor is a powerhouse and even copes easily with water. Its built-in sound insulation makes it suitable for parties. You can renovate with it or lay as new.